Department of Psychology

About Us

Department of Psychology was started in 2004 with a view to impart teaching in the discipline of psychology at undergraduate level. Psychology is relatively new discipline which comes under social sciences and deals with scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes. The department aims to give students a solid foundation in psychology as they study general psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, counselling, statistics and research. The students are oriented towards understanding their self and learn different ways of dealing with daily life challenges which affect one’s mental health. They are encouraged to explore various psychological phenomenas by conducting practicals in the laboratories. The practicals are aimed at studying different behavioural aspects of human beings, like intelligence, attitude, emotional competence and mental health etc. The department organises a subject tour to Institute of Mental Health And Neurosciences Kashmir In Srinagar every year. The tour aims at acquainting students with practical knowledge about mental health patients. This helps them to handle everyday stress and anxiety in a much better way. The department routinely organises mental health awareness week every year on mental health day i.e., 10th of October.  Department offers counselling on weekly basis for the students who are suffering from mental health issues. Department has following staff members:

Courses Offered 

IST SEM: PSY1A-Foundations of Psychology

2ND SEM: PSY1B-Introduction to Social Psychology

3RD SEM: PSY1C-Psychological Disorders

4TH SEM: PSY1D-Statistical Methods & Psychological Research

List of Ability Enhancement Elective Course

3RD SEM: AEEC-PSY-P-01—Managing Stress

4TH SEM: AEEC-PSY-P-02—Developing Emotional Competence

5TH SEM: AEEC-PSY-P-03—Making Decisions

6TH SEM: AEEC-PSY-P-04—Managing Human Resources

List of Discipline Specific Electives

5TH SEM: DSE-PSY-1Aa—Life-Span Development

5TH SEM: DSE-PSY-1Ab—Organisational Psychology

6TH SEM: DSE-PSY-1Ba—Counselling Psychology

6TH SEM: DSE-PSY-1Bb—Health & Well-Being

List of Generic Electives

5TH SEM: GE-PSY-1A-Foundations of Psychology-I

6TH SEM: GE-PSY-1B- Foundations of Psychology-II.


  • The department bears two well-equipped laboratories.
  • Most of the tests of behavioural assessment are available in the department.
  • Department provides free counselling to the students who suffer from stress and other mental health conditions.