1. Environmental Ethics at GDC Kulgam

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2. Campus Water Management Policy

The College has an established practice to augment Water Conservation & Water Preservation Methodologies. The college conducts all on campus research using upgraded machinery & technology that conserves water & protects water quality.

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Green Audit Committee 2023                              

Green Audit Report 2020-2021

Green Audit Committee initiated the process of chalking out the plan for comprehensive measures to be taken for making the institution eco-friendly in every aspect. The committee was supposed to suggest the measures to be taken in respect of the following categories:
a. Waste disposal audit
b. Energy Audit
C. Environmental Quality Audit
d. Health Audit
e. Status of Using Renewable Energy
f. Carbon Accounting

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3.  Implementation of Plastic Waste Management

4. Fire Safety Audit of Govt. Degree Colleges of District Kulgam