1. Environmental Ethics at GDC Kulgam

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2. Campus Water Management Policy

The College has an established practice to augment Water Conservation & Water Preservation Methodologies. The college conducts all on campus research using upgraded machinery & technology that conserves water & protects water quality.

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Green Audit Committee 2023                              

Digi-follower خرید فالوور ایرانی واقعی خرید لایک اینستاگرام خرید ویو اینستاگرام خرید فالوور واقعی اینستاگرام خرید فالوور با کیفیت اینستاگرام خرید سابسکرایبر یوتیوب خرید لایک اینستاگرام خرید بازدید اینستاگرام

Green Audit Report 2020-2021

Green Audit Committee initiated the process of chalking out the plan for comprehensive measures to be taken for making the institution eco-friendly in every aspect. The committee was supposed to suggest the measures to be taken in respect of the following categories:
a. Waste disposal audit
b. Energy Audit
C. Environmental Quality Audit
d. Health Audit
e. Status of Using Renewable Energy
f. Carbon Accounting

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3.  Implementation of Plastic Waste Management

4. Fire Safety Audit of Govt. Degree Colleges of District Kulgam