College uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education to support, enhance, and optimize the delivery of education.

The following tools are used by the Institute:

1. Interactive panels- 31 interactive panels are installed in various classrooms/labs.

2. More than 100 Desktop and Laptops are installed at Computer Labs, Browsing Centres and different departments.

3. Printers- are installed at Labs, HOD Cabins and all prominent places.

4. Photocopier machines – are in place at establishment section. Library and examination cell.

5. Digital Notice Board- One smart board is installed on entrance side of administrative block.

6. Projectors- 6 projectors are available in different classrooms/labs

7. Online Classes through Zoom, Google Meet, WiseApp, Teachmint etc. are engaged

8. Soul 2.0- is used in library.