1. Our college being a ruler college has majority of its students come from low and underprivileged background. Therefore, our main best effort remains to transform and empower them with modern and latest pedagogical tools and methods. One of the best practices of our college is “growing within”, nurturing the potential of students, enabling them, empowering them to carve their unique paths. It helps to facilitate self-growth, self-worth and actualisation of potential of the students through myriad ways of empowerment and competence building.

2. It is our best practice to “hold talks by experts in certain given fields and promoting wellbeing” through the activities such as breathing exercises or rigorous physical activity endorses a student centric, self-directing pedagogy. Through constructive feedback, open communication, inculcating a culture of critical thinking and holding an array of in-depth discussions, the college has managed to uplift its most underprivileged members to be more self-reliant, career oriented and great leaders.

3. Moreover, another notable best practice has been the “effort to reaching out strengthening ties with the Community”. It helps to cultivate a sense of social responsibility in the students and inspire community work that would also help in bridging the theory-praxis divide.