NAAC format for Presentation of Best Practices

1. Our college being a ruler college has majority of its students come from low and underprivileged background. Therefore, our main best effort remains to transform and empower them with modern and latest pedagogical tools and methods. One of the best practices of our college is “growing within”, nurturing the potential of students, enabling them, empowering them to carve their unique paths. It helps to facilitate self-growth, self-worth and actualisation of potential of the students through myriad ways of empowerment and competence building.

2. It is our best practice to “hold talks by experts in certain given fields and promoting wellbeing” through the activities such as breathing exercises or rigorous physical activity endorses a student centric, self-directing pedagogy. Through constructive feedback, open communication, inculcating a culture of critical thinking and holding an array of in-depth discussions, the college has managed to uplift its most underprivileged members to be more self-reliant, career oriented and great leaders.

3. Moreover, another notable best practice has been the “effort to reaching out strengthening ties with the Community”. It helps to cultivate a sense of social responsibility in the students and inspire community work that would also help in bridging the theory-praxis divide.

BEST PRACTICES (NAAC Format of Presentation)

1. Title of the Practice/s:

A. Legal Assistance in Domestic Violence in the adopted Village Malwan/Achithal Kulgam

B. Developing Environmental Ethics within Campus, Adopted Village Malwan/Achithal Kulgam & Areas around the College especially Main Town.

Govt. Degree College Kulgam, J & K (UT)


2. Inception of the Practices:

The practice B is initiated from the year 2020, However, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the college has been closed for the all sort of activities and the subsequent country wide lockdown, thereby, no large activity was done on the subject.

Meanwhile, the college fully implemented its best practices and one MOU is also signed in the year 2021 with the District Legal services authority Kulgam for offering legal services in the Domestic Violence in the adopted village. 

Year of inception :2020

Yes the practices still continuing

3. Objectives of the Practice

It is been underlined by the experts and activists that there is growing trend of domestics violence’s especially against the women. The same thing has inflicted the Kashmir Society as well. During the expert talk on the issue by the Chairman DLSA Kulgam, Mr. Khurshid Raina (Hon’ble Chairman DLSA Kulgam) in the Rest Hous kulgam, it has came out that the trend is also highly visible in the kulgam town also. It was in this connection that the college decided offer legal services in collaboration with the DLSA Kulgam, Especially in the adopted village Achethal Kulgam.

Moreover, the college is highly sensitive regarding the environmental ethics and its protection. On the issue college do conduct drives, awareness programmes and building consciousness in the identified areas and adopted villages. 

To build awareness regarding environmental ethics.

To speed up and environmental consciousness easy.

To provide legal support and awareness on Domestic Violence in the adopted village in collaboration with the District Legal services Authority Kulgam.

4. The Context:

 The contextual background for adopting the given best practices are based on two reasons viz.:

The environment has become a global issue. Understanding environmental attitudes is vital for addressing many applied environmental problems, ranging from local issues like water pollution to global issues like climate change. Effectively measuring environmental attitudes, however, is not always a simple task. Our Mother Earth is currently facing a lot of environmental concerns.The environmental problems like global warming, acid rain, air pollution, urban sprawl, waste disposal, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, climate change and many more affect every human, animal, and nation on this planet. Over the last few decades, the exploitation of our planet and the degradation of our environment has gone up at an alarming rate. As our actions have been not in favor of protecting this planet, we have seen natural disasters striking us more often in the form of flash floods, earthquakes, blizzards, tsunamis, and cyclones. It is in this connection the institute has decided to play its role in building awareness at local level about the global phenomenon.

From some recent times the violence against the women has seen a colossal growth not only at global level but also at local; level here. Recently the college organized the expert talk on the domestic violence in which the observations given by the DLSA Kulgam revealed an alarming situation in the kulgam district. It was in this background the college decided to provide legal service in the adopted village Achithal Kulgam so that this college plays its role in addressing the growing violence against the women.

To organize awareness camps, programmes, rallies, seminars, debates and special talks on the environmental ethics and gender issues.

Bringing legal services in the villages to conscious the citizens about different services provided by the District Legal Services Kulgam regarding Domestic Violence. 

5. The Practice

Describe the practice and its uniqueness in the context of India higher education. What were the constraints / limitations, if any, faced (in about 400 words)?

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6. Evidence of Success

The initiatives got a fair appraisal by the local civil society and the administration.

The student community become highly jubilant in playing their role in targeted awareness campaigns. This can be substantiated by the fact that how instead of chilly cold and Covid  threat the students plays their role in the awareness and other associated programmes. 

7. Problems  Encountered and  Resources Required

While Implementing the Best Practices the institution did not face as such any large problem or difficulty. However, initially the response from the targeted groups and areas were hesitant to come forward and support over heartedly.  

Initially some hesitancy has been observed from the groups and civil society members in offering their cooperation.

The women of the areas were shy to reveal their issues and problems on front of the DLSA Kulgam.