Department of Zoology

About Us

The Department came into existence in 2010 for the students those love nature and animal world. Since 2010 only General course has been taught till session 2016.From the academic session 2016-2017, the Department started teaching the Skill enhancement courses. As the Head of the Department & staff, we share as much, if not more, the enthusiasm & optimism of our students. It is imperative to instil in our students a culture that promotes performance- oriented endeavours. Zoology the study of animals truly represents the most challenging and exciting frontier in science. The subject helps in acquiring a great insight into animal behaviour, the way they live, their needs, and many more things. Zoology deals with the environment of animals, how they adapt to the changing environment and their needs like nutrition, genetics, characteristics, evolution, physiology, reproduction, development etc. The subject also includes the study of modern techniques like biotechnology, microbiology, bioinformatics, molecular biology etc. for an in-depth understanding of the zoological world. With the imbalance in the ecosystem today, the acute need has been felt to preserve nature and even animals that are on the brink of extinction.

The 21st century has been termed the century of Biology, with biomedical, biotechnological, biodiversity and environmental issues at the forefront of nearly every facet of or society. Zoology provides the core of understanding and addressing these problems, from the cellular and molecular to the ecosystem and landscape levels of complexity. Zoology forms the natural bridge to the other disciplines such as Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Medicine, Botany, Geography and Anthropology. Within the Department, students experience the depth of Zoology in the classroom, laboratory, and in the field. We have vibrant and interactive faculty, committed to excellence in education, and are proud of the outstanding students and dedicated staff who make this possible.


  • To live harmoniously in the web of life.


  • To inspire students to reach the frontier of Biological Sciences.
  • To develop research aptitude and a scientific temper.
  • To develop an aptitude for understanding nature and its rich biodiversity.
  • To acquire knowledge on the taxonomic status of various animals and its relationship to man.
  • To bring about an awareness of health related problems, its prevention and cure.
  • To impart the theoretical and practical knowledge of Zoology among the students along with its applicability in the field.

Programmes/Courses Offered 

B. Sc General

Skill Enhancement Courses

  • Apiculture
  • Aquarium Fish Keeping
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Sericulture


  • Two well spaced Labs.
    • Department has got state-of-the-art scientific equipments, the important ones are:
      • Advanced Microscopes
      • Simple or Dissecting Microscope
      • Compound Microscope
      • Bright-Field Microscope  (Binocular)Microtome
        • Blood Testing Apparatus
        • Haemocytometer
        • Haemometer
        • Blood Group Testing Kit
        • Glucometer
        • Sphygmomanometer
        • Digital
        • Manual
      • Water & Soil Analysis Kit
      • Digital Photocalorimeter
      • Digital D.O Meter
      • Digital Conductivity meter
      • Digital Nephelo-Turbidity Meter
      • Hygrometer
      • Polarimeter
      • Kymograph
    • Incubator
    • Oven
    • pH Meter
    • Students access the Central library. The Department does not have any library as such. But the complementary copies provided by different publishers are preserved for use of the students.
    • Departmental museum (UP).