Department of Economics


To Provide our students with knowledge Skills, and values that enable them to actively integrate these attributes in to their professional careers

To enable our students to become policy literate and thus be more informed as citizens

To prepare our students for successful careers

To provide better understanding of global, national and local economic issues


Our aspiration is to become one of the leading global providers of economics education and research

 Economics subject was introduced in the College in 2004 .The Knowledge of Economics enables one to understand the subtle intricacies of the ever changing competitive world that we live in. For graduates and Post- graduates Job opportunities are plenty. Teaching at School, College and Postgraduate levels, applied research in government and non-governmental organization, fast growing private sector enterprises in trade, commerce and management like Banking, Finance, Insurance and Civil Services like Kashmir Administrative Service, Kashmir Economic Service (Assistant Director, Planning), Indian Administrative Service and Indian Economic Service. In short for a truly worthy and hardworking student the sky is the limit. We are striving hard to prepare the students for this vibrant scenario.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop the ability to explain core economic terms, concepts and theories
  • Demonstrate the the ability to employ the economic way of thinking
  • Demonstrate the ability to collect, process, and interpret data
  • Develop an awareness of career choices and options among students

Future Plans

  • To Start B.A Honours Programme
  • To organize One week Capacity Building Programme on Soft Skills and Personality Development
  • To Organise National Seminar