The Department of Physics was established in 2010 in the College to impart teaching-learning in the subject.  The Department is housed in Science Block of the College. The Department has sufficient infrastructure to transmitting teaching learning at UG level. The department has groomed students who   came to occupy various important positions in the diverse fields for human services. The department has produced great teachers and academicians, who proved their worth in different spheres of society. Earlier, there was only one teacher (Supported by a couple academic arrangement teachers), who contributed his valuable services in this department.  With the increase of roll of the students in the department the sanctioned staff strength in the department has raised to 03 (Three). The student enrolment has increased manifold from last two years. Presently the department has three permanent faculties, and 02 academic arrangement faculty members. The present carrying out students strength is 350. Department has well-furnished two labs. for the experimental work   with one Dark room and two Staff rooms.

The department aims at acting as centre of physics knowledge in keeping abreast with highest academic standards in tune with national/ international level. Besides, routine academic activities the Department encourages students for participation in subject tours, debates, seminars, comparative exams and science quizzes. I’m sanguine that Department shall succeed in endeavors for the heights of excellence.


1.       Bar Pendulum,

2.       Katter’s pendulum

3.       Tangent galvanometers

4        Jaegers Apparatus

5        Capillary tubes and holders, traveling microscope

6        Operational amplifier

7.       Thermometers

8        Bending of Beam Apparatus

9        Sonometers, Tuning Forks, rubber pads

10.      Maxwell’s needle Apparatus

11.      LCR Apparatus.

12.      Cathode ray Oscilloscope.

13.      Function Generator/ Audio Frequency Generator.

14.      P.N. Junction diode apparatus

15.      J J Thomson Apparatus

16.      Energy Gap Apparatus

17.      Zener Diode Apparatus

18.      FET and MOSFET Apparatus

19.      Stefan Apparatus

20.      Planks constant Apparatus

21.      Millikan’s Oil Drop Apparatus

22.      Spectrometers

23.      Michelson Interferometer

24.     Viscosity of liquid by capillary tube

25.      e/m by Thomson

26.      Diffraction by laser beam

27.      Carry Foster Bridge

28.      Fly Wheel apparatus.                   

29.      Tunnel diode

30.      Traveling microscope

31.      Logic Gates

32.      Resolving power of telescope

33.      Ballistic Galvanometer.

34.      Hall Effect.

35.      Newtons Rings apparatus.

36.      Solar Cell Characteristics.

37       Febry Perot interferometer.

38.      Lissioguous figures.

39.      G.M.Counter.

40.      Full wave/ Half wave rectifier.

41.      He. Ne Laser apparatus

42.      Mauls law apparatus.

43.      Electric vibrator

44.      Hydrogen spectrum and Rydberg constant.

45.      Dielectric constant apparatus.

46.      Wien Bridge apparatus

47.      Study of M I Theorems.

48.      Electric Vibrator.