Psychological Counselling Session at Bait-ul-Hilal Chawalgam

As part of the community outreach programme, National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit of the College organised a Psychological Counselling Session with the inmates of Bait-ul-Hilal Chawalgam on 18th November, 2021, in collaboration with the College Psychological Counselling Cell. The session was held to map the mental health of the inmates, all of whom happen to be orphans and Identify the specific mental issues and the remedies there of. The team, consisting of Dr. Mohd. Altaf Paul (Clinical Psychologist & Head, Department of Psychology), Dr. Abdul Raffie (Lecturer Psychology), Dr. Safeer Ahmad Bhat (NSS Programme Officer) and Mr. Iftikar Ahmad Paul (Assistant Professor, Education) held a detailed interaction with the students and management of the Orphanage. Psychological counselling sessions were held in groups in which the psychological issues were explored by using projective techniques and interview method. After exploring the issues, they were psycho-educated about some common psychological problems and different adaptive coping methods. Need for building social support by having good friends who can help one another at the time of need was also emphasised. During the process some potential cases were also identified with whom counselling sessions were held individually. A detailed report, containing suggestions and recommendations with regard to maintaining mental health of the students was later on shared with the management of the institution. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Ab. Majeed Laway, Chairman Bait-ul-Hilal, Chawalgam.

  • Event Date: 18-Nov-2021 - 18-Nov-2021
  • Venue: Bait-ul-Hilal Chawalgam
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