Department of Biochemistry


About us

The Department of Biochemistry at Government Degree College Kulgam is a modern, research-oriented subject within the Faculty of Biological sciences. The Department offers courses leading to B.Sc. degree and attracts students from the near and far-flung areas of district Kulgam and elsewhere. The Department of Biochemistry was established in the Government Degree College Kulgam during the year 2014. Since then the Department has produced a good number of graduates that have taken up different carrier development challenges, including technical, industrial and academic ones. We offer a high quality undergraduate education in Biochemistry. Students are excited with the range and quality of courses that we offer. Besides teaching hard core Biochemistry to its students, the department has a dedicated and competitive faculty to teach allied subjects like Enzymology, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Immunology etc, etc. Besides teaching Biochemistry as a core subject, the Department also offers a skill enhancement course of diagnostic laboratory techniques to all college students under CBCS.  The Department has well established and superb laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation. We are profoundly proud of our laboratory courses that expose our students to a wide range of modern techniques.



            “Molecular Biology is essentially practice of Biochemistry with out licence”-  Erwin Chargaff

Biochemistry occupies a central niche in the life sciences and encompasses wide range of disciplines such as molecular biology, cell biology and newer areas such as bioinformatics. With the introduction and advent of new techniques the scope of this subject has widened further. Biochemists have always newer and exciting opportunities when it comes to jobs. Be it a clinical laboratory, basic research laboratory, R&D centre or an agricultural industry, the biochemists are always a first choice. Biochemists are always a choice in pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies for testing and development of new drugs. Introduction of Biochemistry at UG and Higher secondary school levels is a great opportunity for those interested in teaching. Students opting for biochemistry need firm qualities like perseverance, dedication and team spirit. By virtue of these qualities the sky is the limit of ones progress and development.

Believing in team spirit, the collective efforts of both teaching and non-teaching staff are key to success, progress and development of this Department in times to come.