NAAC Steering Committee

The NAAC Steering Committe was constituted in December, 2018 under the chairmanship of worthy Principal, Prof. A. R. Najar, entrusted with the responsibility to pursue Assessment and Accreditation Process. The Committee was coordinated by Dr. H U Dar, Associate Professor Botany. Pursuant to superannuation of Dr. H. U. Dar, the charge was shifted to Mr. Aarif Ahmad Wani, Assistant Professor Commerce. The NAAC Steering Committee is manifested as follows:

Name of the Officer Designation Criterion
Mr. Aarif Ahmad Wani Coordinator C6: Governance, Leadership and Management
Dr. Aarif Ahmad Malik Co-Coordinator C4: Infrastructure and Learning Resources
Mr. Manzoor Ahmad Bhat Member C5: Student Support and Progression
Mr. Irshad Ahmad Lone Member C3: Research, Innovation and Extension
Dr. Muzaffar Hussain Najar Member C2: Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
Dr. Mohd Altaf Paul Member C1: Curricular Aspects
Dr. Aijazul Haq Member C7: Institutional Values and Best Practices

IIQA - Institutional Information for Quality Assessment

The IIQA contains the Quantitative Information of the college.

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SSR - Self Study Report

The Self Study Report is an exhaustive document reflecting the qualitative and quantative aspects of an institution. These aspects include but are not limited to institutional profile, vision and mission statements, strength, weakness, opportunities, challenges, curricular aspects, teaching learning and evaluation, research innovation and extension, infrastructure and learning resources, student support and progression. Furthermore the governance, leadership, institutional values and best practices are also encapsulated in this document.

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