Personal Counseling:

The institution provides personal counseling to the students, who are suffering from academic, social, mental and other related stresses. In this regard, the Counseling Cell has been formed in the Department of Psychology. The faculty from the Dept of Psychology, weekly, conducts counseling sessions with the students. They listen to their problems and provide them relevant counseling in this regard. The Counseling Cell also conducts periodical visits to the premier mental health institutions at Srinagar, in order to learn about the well being of mental health and to know about some of the complicated mental health issues.

Personal counseling is also offered to the students in order to offer them guidance about various personal and social issues. These include drug addiction, drug abuse, sexual harassment, etc.

The Counseling Cell works in cooperation with Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell in order to offer counseling to the female students of the college regarding the attempts of sexual harassment. The Counseling Cell is headed by the Head of the Department, Pyschology.