Department of History


As aptly remarked by E. H. Carr that History is a continuous and ‘unending dialogue between the past and the present’. It seeks to enlighten man through a critical study of the human civilisations while preparing him for the future challenges. The study of history assumes all the more importance in the light of contemporary situations where it is used for the furtherance of parochial beliefs and sentiments.

The Department of History is one of the earliest departments of the college (established in 2004) and has continuously endeavoured to strive for academic excellence The Department seeks to equip the students with the tools of historical method to enable them to critically understand the past and its relevance to the present. Through preservation, promotion and dissemination of rich and varied cultural traditions, the department envisions to train learners in solving the socio-economic and cultural problems of the contemporary world. Keeping in view the challenges of a conflict zone, the Department endeavours to reconstruct history for a peaceful world.

The Department has a well-trained and vibrant faculty which is actively engaged in teaching, research and publication. The Departmental library has all the important books related to the discipline and is updated on a continuous basis so as to keep trend with the latest researches. We warmly welcome all the students to the department to feel the taste of knowing about the human past and its present ramifications.

The Department offers 03 Year Undergraduate Programme in History, divided into 6 Semesters. The major areas of focus in the Department are:

1. Sources of History-Primary and Secondary

2. Political, Cultural, Social & Economical History of India- Ancient, Medieval and Modern

3. History of Kashmir from the Earliest times up to 1975

4. World History

5. Archaeology (As part of Skill Enhancement Course)

6. Heritage and Tourism (As part of Skill Enhancement Course)


  • BG 1st Semester Kashmir - its prehistoric period - Download
  • BG 3rd Semester Formation of Jammu and Kashmir - Download
  • Epigraphy - Download
  • Numismatics- Download