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Geography has been enjoying the status of “Mother of All Sciences” since the long antiquity. Modern geography is vital for social, economic and political development of a society and it still performs a great role as an interdisciplinary discipline. Geography is the most fundamental discipline in natural sciences and a foundation of most of the inventions in engineering and technology. It explores many of the deeper mysteries of the universe and can lead to a wide range of career and employment opportunities.

The main aim of the department is to provide a stimulating and kind environment for students. Our mission is to prepare the students to be future leaders, and to confirm educational and individual success. What we have committed to uphold is the pursuit of academic excellence, quality geographical education and altruistic contribution to the society. The department will keep on providing the best education for geography students, advancing the frontiers of scientific knowledge and nurturing the future pillars of our society.

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    Department of Geography, Government Degree College Kulgam, Kulgam, Jammu & Kashmir, 192231